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Tabooya strives to provide relevant content for the informed generation. We present highly-engaging, independent content that informs and educates readers in a condensed, yet informative style. We offer the latest trending news in an array of topics and are committed to excellence with every piece we publish.


Our goal is to engage and stimulate our audience through open-minded content that sparks curiosity. We will prime your minds to think of all the aspects of any issue we present.


Tabooya is committed to delivering content for the informed generation. Whether we are rich or poor; male or female; black or white; Latino or Asian; young or mature, we all seek the truth and embrace knowledge, happiness and success.


Our message is tailored for informed readers and the young in spirit. We believe only an open mind can be truly free.

Tabooya is committed to being the best online news platform available.

We’re human

In the fast-paced world of digital journalism, things can come to light after a story has been reported that had not been previously available. If you find any issues with our reporting, please let us know by emailing — so that we can assess the issue and take appropriate action.

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