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Have Anxiety? Here Are Top Five Foods And Drinks That May Help Reduce it



Have Anxiety? Here Are Top Five Foods And Drinks That May Help Reduce it

Anxiety disorders can take a toll on you. I have experience serious anxiety attacks in the past. But I was able to get rid of it, completely.

Anxiety typically require medication or psychotherapy or both ( — However, balanced diet and a regular exercise routine might not be cures, but they can help improve overall mood and wellbeing. In my case that did the trick.

Also, a number of foods and drinks may help to reduce anxiety. Here are a few of the most well-documented.



A study from Ohio State University, students given an omega-3 fatty acid supplement exhibited a 20 percent reduction in anxiety compared to students given a placebo pill.

Chamomile Tea



A small 2009 study found a “modest” improvement of anxiety in people with mild to moderate generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) treated with chamomile extract.




Eggs are packed with Vitamin B. The brain needs a wide range of B vitamins to operate optimally. When we’re lacking in the B department, we may experience confusion, irritability and anxiety, among other effects, Psychology Today reported.




A 2011 study, Irish researchers found that feeding a certain probiotic bacterium found in yogurt to mice reduced “behaviors associated with stress, anxiety and depression,” Discover magazine reported.


Green Tea

Green Tea

Green tea is rich in an amino acid called L-theanine, which has been reported to have calming effects in general.  In one study, taking 200 milligrams of L-theanine before a test helped anxiety-prone university students stay calm.

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