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FDA to Include “Added Sugar” To Nutrition Labels

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FDA to Include “Added Sugar” To Nutrition Labels

The Food and Drug Administration is unveiling new nutrition labels. The labels will put calorie counts in large type and include portion amounts that reflect the how much Americans eat now

Health officials have said portion size changes are necessary to reflect the reality of the American diet. Now a 20-ounce bottle of soda will be considered one serving instead of 2.5 servings and ice cream serving sizes will increase from a half-cup to one cup, which more accurately reflect how much people really consume.

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“There will be a separate line for sugars that are manufactured and added to food, which public health experts say has contributed to America’s obesity problem” , said  FDA’s Deputy Commissioner for Foods Michael R. Taylor.

Taylor estimates it will cost about $2 billion for companies to implement the changes, but that it will save $30 billion eventually in health benefits.

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