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He Told Her To ‘Shut Up,’ That She Is ‘Beneath Him’ – Her Response? Priceless

news anchor shuts cleric


He Told Her To ‘Shut Up,’ That She Is ‘Beneath Him’ – Her Response? Priceless

News anchor Rima Karaki created a media storm in the Middle East after shutting down a disrespectful Islamic Sheik During a segment earlier this month on Lebanon’s Al Jadeed TV.

Karaki was interviewing Hani al-Seba’i, an Islamist scholar who reportedly fled the U.K. after he was sentenced to prison for joining an Egyptian Islamic Jihad group.

The interview rapidly deteriorated when Karaki asked al-Seba’i “if he had any insight on ISIS,” the extremist Islamic group that has captured large parts of Iraq and Syria, and has killed an untold number of Christians.”

Al-Seba’i responded by launching a historical line on “Christians joining Islamic groups.”

Karaki interjected, “Dr. al-Seba’i, let’s focus on the present. At present, what slogans are used to attract [Christians] to these groups?”

“Listen, don’t cut me off. I will answer as I please. I will not answer the way you like, because I’m here to serve the idea in which I believe,” Seba’i responded, raising his finger.

Karaki attempted to calm him down. “Please don’t get all worked up,” she said. But Seba’i continued on, insulting the host.

When Karaki attempted to focus the conversation one more time, Seba’i went nuts. “Are you done?” he asked. “Shut up so I can talk.”

At this point, Karaki was losing her patience. “How can a respected sheikh like yourself tell a TV host to shut up?,” she responded.

“I am respected whether you like it or not,” replied Seba’i, adding, “It’s beneath me to be interviewed by you. You are a woman who…”

“Either there is mutual respect, or this conversation is over,” Karaki responded. Then she cut off the microphone.


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