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He Faces The Judges, Then… “There’s No Explanation For This”

Jamie Raven


He Faces The Judges, Then… “There’s No Explanation For This”

We’ve seen some impressive magicians at Britain’s Got Talent before, but what contestant Jamie Raven did in this edition of BGT is the most amazing illusion we’ve seen in the talent show.

After wooing the audience by turning regular cash into bank notes with the judges’ faces on them, this illusionist decided to ask the judges to participate in his next trick and brings a set of cards… but make no mistake, this is not your regular “pick a card, any card” magic trick. What Raven does next is so mind-blowing that entire the room was rendered silenced. And I was speechless too!

Simon’s only response was: There’s no explanation for that.” The the audience erupted with an standing ovation. Watch:

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