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Officer Hugs An ‘Unwanted’ Foster Child, But Watch What Happens When He Calls Him ‘Dad’

officer adopts foster child


Officer Hugs An ‘Unwanted’ Foster Child, But Watch What Happens When He Calls Him ‘Dad’

South Carolina’ Spartanburg School District 6 recently established a program to bring police officers and students closer together. By inviting officers into the classroom on a regular basis, students learn from an early age that police men and women are their friends. The district recently created a video to celebrate all of its school resource officers, and in it, you’ll see one officer with a story that will touch your heart.

Master Deputy Mike Gibson started working with the program during his off-duty hours, but soon became the school’s full-time resource officer. As he spent more time with the students, he developed a special friendship with one little boy who began calling him Officer Dad. Gibson later learned that the little boy had no parents of his own, and had been in and out of at least eight different foster homes where he was the victim of child abuse. This brought the child closer to Debuty Gibson’s heart and decided to adopt the boy himself.

The little boy not only has a place to call home, will have his Officer Dad for good. Please share if you were touched by this incredible story.

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