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This Deputy Goes To Pump Her Gas. What A Stranger Does Behind Her? Incredible!


This Deputy Goes To Pump Her Gas. What A Stranger Does Behind Her? Incredible!

We’ve seen many stories of police officers lending acts of kindness to civilians, but this time, the roles were reversed in an incredible way.

Ever since Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Darren Goforth lost his life at a gas pump recently, deputies can’t help but feel anxious.

“You shouldn’t be afraid to get gas or have your hand on your hip when you get gas,” said Precinct 3 Deputy Tommi Kelley. But Kelley wasn’t alone the last time she needed to fill up.

When this female deputy stopped at another Harris County gas station to pump her gas and noticed a stranger approaching from behind her cruiser, her first instinct was to place her hand over her gun. Then she turned to see a 16-year-old named McKinley standing on guard, protecting her.

The concerned teen asked Deputy Kelley if he could keep watch to make sure she was safe. What transpired next is going VIRAL.

McKinley proceeded to stand guard in front of her as the rain poured down, drenching him all the while.

“When you have someone that is so young and mature and thoughtful and came up to help, I was very impressed with him,” Deputy Kelley told KHOU-TV.

The two then stood at the gas pump and snapped a selfie below, which has gone viral on social media.

teen hero

Photo: video frame

McKinley was thrilled when the deputy hugged him. “I’ve never been hugged by a cop!” he told the station. “I hope people understand that we would risk our lives for officers,” he added.

Watch KHUS 11 news report below:

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