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Scientist: Here’s Irrefutable Evidence That Aliens Exist


Scientist: Here’s Irrefutable Evidence That Aliens Exist

Still don’t believe Aliens exist? The video you’re about to watch offers incredible evidence that suggests the existence of extraterrestrials.

On September 15, 1991, the space mission discovery embarks on the famous mission STS 48. During the mission, a camera mounted on the rear of the cargo bay captures what appears to be an alien encounter. The mind-blowing video left scientists stunned. The video was not supposed to be released, but somehow a scientist made it public.

“There’s undeniable evidence of extraterrestrials visiting earth, but it’s being suppressed by the government,” UFO historian Richard Dolan says in the video below as he analyzes the incredible footage.

“There are two NASAs,” he claims. “There’s the public Nasa, and there’s the secret Nasa.” Watch:

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Scientist: Here’s Undeniable Evidence Of Extraterrestrials

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