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Cop Shoots Dead Beloved Pet Dog After She Ran To Greet Him


Cop Shoots Dead Beloved Pet Dog After She Ran To Greet Him

A Florida mother and her daughter were left heartbroken after a police officer killed their beloved pet dog after she ran up to greet him, reported CBS News.

The dog, a 40-pound bull terrier called Duchess, was shot three times by the officer after he knocked on the family’s front door in Florida to tell them their car door was open.

Gillian Palacios, told Local 10 News that the officer knocked on her door at 832 SW Seventh St. to inform her that she had left her car door open. She said her 2-year-old, 40-pound bulldog-mix Duchess, ran outside to greet him and was shot three times in the head by the officer.

Police shoots dog

Image: Video frame

The family were visibly distraught over the loss in photos taken after the incident. Palacios said the officer told her, “Your dog charged me,” and then left, telling her that “Animal Services would be by to pick up the dog.”

Police shots dog

Image: Video frame

Surveillance footage appears to back up the mother’s claim that the dog wasn’t being aggressive and wasn’t barking at the time. CBS News has more on this story in the video below.

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