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When She Spread Her Dog’s Ashes, Something Miraculous Happened

angel dog


When She Spread Her Dog’s Ashes, Something Miraculous Happened

When Ashley Lang’s beloved golden retriever Wagner died at 12 years old, she was devastated. He was not only her best friend, but family, and she wanted to give him a proper farewell… so she decided to spread his ashes in their favorite park.

As Ashely was spreading Wagner’s ashes in the park, a friend snapped a picture on a iPhone so that she could remember the moment forever. Upon reviewing the photo, they noticed something miraculous: the white silhouette of a dog.

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“Everyone keeps calling him the angel dog,” Lang says. She thinks the photo is Wagner’s way of saying a final goodbye.

Whether or not you believe Wagner was saying goodbye to her beloved human, it cannot be denied that angels do exist. They are our furry friends on Earth. They love us, and they always will.

angel dog

It’s an incredible sight, no matter what the cause. I hope this final happy moment put a smile on your face.

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