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How Just One “Meme” Ruined This Professional Model’s Career Forever


How Just One “Meme” Ruined This Professional Model’s Career Forever

Normally, internet memes are meant to meant to be passed off as a humorous image or quote; just something to lighten up your day. Unfortunately, the opposite turned true for this professional model. Following one photoshoot, the publication of this photo into a disaster once people started to crack a few jokes at it.

Two years into her modeling career, she had felt confident in herself to keep modeling for large companies, and had a sense of job security. However, one publication of a photoshoot in a magazine resulted in many making editing the advertisement just so they could joke about it. This turned into others taking the joke literally, and publishing professional articles on large news websites. This story/image had gotten so popular, that companies and even her fiancé’s family started to question the legitimacy of her figure. This has been very hard on her, and all because someone made a ‘meme’ about it.

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