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Tiny Horse Named Magic Vanishes People’s Sadness In The Most Adorable Way

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Tiny Horse Named Magic Vanishes People’s Sadness In The Most Adorable Way

This is one of the most heartwarming stories you’ll read all day. Promise.

Miniature horses are being used in healing therapy sessions, and they’re truly special. These adorable miniature therapy horses are simply magical creatures. One of them is even named Magic!


Magic is an expert vanishing people’s sadness.


This tiny creature with the heart of a giant is taking the weight of other’s people’s pain on his shoulders.


Gentle Carousel, a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers sends the horses to connect with people who have gone through harsh realities.


“While a large horse can be intimidating to a small child or fragile senior, the miniature horses were easier for them to trust and befriend,” Founder Debbie Garcia-Bengochea told Huffington Post.


The group began using miniature horse therapy almost 20 years ago, mainly for people with limited mobility.


His name is magic, but for these people this tiny giant is truly a miracle.

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