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WATCH: Woman Feeds Giant Tortoise That Behaves Like a Dog!

giant tortoise


WATCH: Woman Feeds Giant Tortoise That Behaves Like a Dog!

Giant tortoises are extremely peaceful creatures. Like other reptiles, they spend much of their day soaking up the sun to warm themselves. But it might be hard to imagine that these gentle giants can be full of personality.

In the video below, this tortoise eats right off of the woman’s hand. But what he does around the 1:09 mark really got our attention. Just watch the way he sits patiently as she pets his head — just like a dog begging for affection!

Youtube users were amused by the loving tortoise’s behavior, while others were in disbelief by how massive he was.

The giant tortoise can grow to be five feet tall this makes them the largest tortoises in the world. In general, they are the longest living of all vertebrates. The oldest recorded tortoise being 152 years old. Pretty impressive, right?

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