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The Internet is Trying To See What’s Hidden In This Image, Do you See It?



The Internet is Trying To See What’s Hidden In This Image, Do you See It?

We’ve seen a good share of optical illusions over the years. So this is nothing new. But this particular optical illusion is more important than most people think.

At first glance, the image hiding behind the patterns is almost imperceptible. Can you see it? Spoiler alert: it’s a panda. But many will go by this image not seeing the hidden panda at all. But if you are observing it from the right angle, and at the right distance, those tiny offset pixels inform your brain that something more is at play. That’s when an important message is revealed.

Take a close look:

Panda optical illusion

World Wildlife Fund

Got it now? Sometimes looking at the image from far away or at an angle – or both, can help your mind make sense of the visual artfulness that is at play and the important message behind the illusion.

The image was used by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) in Washington DC to bring awareness of endangered species. In the lower right, you can see the text “They can disappear” which, of course, isn’t just referring to the ephemeral image of the panda on the poster. The panda itself is an endangered species, which can, indeed, disappear if it’s not protected.

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H/T: SFGlobe.

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