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Video Of Cheetah And a Dog Playing In The Snow Captivates The Internet

dog and cheetah playing in the snow


Video Of Cheetah And a Dog Playing In The Snow Captivates The Internet

After the snowstorm passed, this woman decided to take her camera out to film her little dog, Max. But she captured more than she expected when Max decided to spend some time running around with his best friend: a cheetah!

It may seem odd at first, but these two animals love each other very much and have been together since they were little babies.

According to the Cincinnati Zoo, Savanna is an ambassador animal meant to raise awareness about wildlife conservation so children and adults get the chance to learn about this amazing animal. The Zoo’s goal is to help keep her wild friends back in Africa safe from poachers.

“Max was paired up with Savanna in order to keep her calm and feel loved as she grew up, and there are no plans of separating them any time soon,” the Zoo said.

Even though this feline can reach running speeds of up to 60 miles per hour, she appreciates her best friend and let Max “win” the race all the time.

Watch their amazing race below:

Please SHARE this fantastic video if you applaud the Zoo’s effort to keep rare animals safe from poachers!

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