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Jogger Rescues Wild Sheep Trapped By a Tree Trunk


Jogger Rescues Wild Sheep Trapped By a Tree Trunk

When this man and his son decided to go for a walk in this wooden are in Poland, they never expected to achieve internet fame. But that’s exactly what happened when they came across a Mouflon (a wild sheep) with his horn caught around a tree trunk and posted the video of the weird encounter on Youtube.

The video shows the poor animal running around the trunk, trying to get his horn off it, but to no luck. That’s when the man decided to lend a helping hand. At first, the sheep became a little nervous when the man went to help him. He kept running around the thing but soon realized that the man was there to help and finally stayed still enough for the man to set him free.

It took a while, but after a few tries, the kind man finally was able to get the sheep’s horn off. The Mouflon then ran right back into the woods. Thank God this man noticed him and was able to help!

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