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Male Nurse Caught Comforting Patients In Incredibly Human Way


Male Nurse Caught Comforting Patients In Incredibly Human Way

Jared Axen, a male nurse at Valencia Hospital, has earned the moniker “The Singing Nurse” due to his incredibly personal acts while on the job. Normally, a nurse would check that his/her patient is comfortable for only a moment before going back to work, as they do have much on do. However, this man has gone above and beyond for his patients’ easy of mind.

He started off by singing old love songs and Broadway hits in the hallways and noticed the profound effect it had on the patients. Soon, he used his talents to connect with and sooth those who are suffering – all to take the pain and stress off the mind for a little while.

Watch as this man serenades the sick – he does so beautifully that even an elderly patient is brought to tears.

You can tell Axen truly cares about the people he takes care of – what an amazing human being.

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