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25 Years After The Rescue, Firefighter Reunites With The Boy He Saved


25 Years After The Rescue, Firefighter Reunites With The Boy He Saved

As kids our favorite superheroes are the ones we see on tv or in comic books. For this man, his superhero is the one that saved his life 25 years ago.

It was a calm night on August 9th, 1990, when a fire started in a little boy’s duplex apartment. The little boy was Daundre Ashworth, who was only 4 years of age at the time. Captain Don Kosen of the St. Paul fire department was on his way back to the station from another fire when him and his crew noticed unusual amount of smoke from a nearby building.

They rushed to the scene where the duplex was burning. As they arrived a woman was yelling that a child was still inside. That’s when Captain Kosen stepped into action. He made his way inside the building but couldn’t see a thing. All he could do is hear a faint cry from the corner of the room.

The brave firefighter was able to get four-year-old Daundre out of the fire in the nick of time. Kosen said that the boy “probably had 15 to 20 seconds of life left in him” and nearly died due to smoke inhalation.

Since that day the two have not seen or heard of each other. Daundre has always wanted to meet his hero. And after 25 years he finally did.

Watch the emotional video of the reunion between Daundre and his hero.

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