He Went To Popeyes To Apply For a Job. You Won't Believe What He Did During The Interview

Last Saturday afternoon, Devin Washington was interviewing for a new job at Popeyes Famous Fried Chicken restaurant when an assailant reached into the cash register, then grabbed the money and ran in a quick escape attempt. That’s when Devin jumped into action.

According to several news outlets, the 18-year-old job hunter made the perfect first impression when he leapt from his seat and placed the suspected robber in a reverse bear hug. Popeyes assistant manager Dominique Griffin grabbed the suspect’s arm and manager Danyanna Metoyer, who was conducting the interview, quickly ran to block the robber’s exit.

Devin Washington. Image: Video Frame / Youtube

The thief, Pablo Ciscart, 50, threw the cash to the floor as Washington and a chef detained him until officers from the New Orleans Police Department arrived on the scene.

Video Frame / Youtube

After that, Devin was obviously hired. His selfless actions only confirmed that he was the best man for the position.

According to the report, Ciscart was charged with simple robbery and fugitive attachment.

Inside Edition picked up the story in the video below.

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