Texas Woman Congratulates Cheating Husband in Newspaper

A jealous woman can be a better detective than an FBI agent. And when she finally finds the evidence she was looking for, well, it can be bad for the guy.

This is such the case when a Texas woman published a newspaper ad as revenge for husband who had an affair and got his lover pregnant.

The woman identifies herself as Timeshia Brown. She placed the advertisement as a note from wife congratulating her husband, on getting another woman pregnant. She did it after finding out her husband Patrick was having an affair with another local woman named Shara Cormier:

Shara Cormier of Hemphill, Texas, does have a Facebook page, and she is “friends” with a Patrick Brown from the same town.

The ad first appeared in a local Texas newspaper but has since gone viral on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

(via The Daily Mail)

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