Why do Married People Cheat? – A Recent Survey May Have The Answer

Are you in a sexless marriage? Well, according to a recent survey, you are probably closer to have an affair than you think.

A recent survey by Ashley Madison – a dating site for married people looking to have affairs – reveals that unhappily married American women may be stepping out on their spouses because they’re not having sex at home.

A sexless marriage leads to boredom, loss of love and anger… and affairs.

The site surveyed 74,600 members from 26 different countries about how often they have sex with their spouses and U.S. women topped the list when it came to sexless marriages.
Specifically, 22 percent of the American women surveyed admitted to having no sex with their husbands at all. The numbers were lower in other parts of the world; 18 percent of women from the UK, 16 percent from Hong Kong, 12 percent from Spain, 9 percent from France, 8 percent from Italy and 8 percent from Brazil said the same.

Of the 74,600 people surveyed, 33,500 were from the U.S.

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