Men Are More Likely To Have Sex With Strangers

Sex with a stranger is the subject of many sexy daydreams, erotic novels and porn movies, but does it ever happen in real life?
Have you ever had anonymous sex with someone you didn’t know? Would you?

A recent Scientific Study on the subject reveals that men will have sex with anything or anyone anywhere.

When a gorgeous female approached a random male on the street, a whopping 97% of men agreed to go back to her place right away for a drink, and 83% said yes to immediate sex.

Apparently the thought of her being the Lipstick Killer doesn’t seem to cross their minds.

In contrast, not even 1% of women agreed to the same proposition when the tables were turned.

So it is confirmed: It doesn’t take much to convince a man to have sex. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t take any convincing at all — just a hot woman, and even the hot part is optional.

While the results aren’t exactly groundbreaking, it’s a amazing that such a high percentage of men will trust a stranger in an unknown place just for the prospect of having sex.

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