Five diet “rules” you can absolutely break

If you are like most people, keeping a healthy weight without the temptation of tasty food can be a challenge. We have good news. A recent research by Fiber One and the Huffington Post, suggests that when it comes to dieting, some rules were made to be broken.

The publication offers a list of “breakable” “rules.” Here are our top five diet “rules” you can absolutely, positively break

•    1 
Just Say ‘No’ To Snacking:

Smart snacking can actually help you stay on track. It’s completely fine to have a bite between meals, as long as you do so responsibly.

•    2 
Eating only Fat-Free: 

While fatty foods like fries, shakes and cheeses are typically a no-go for weight loss, fats are—in fact—a crucial part of a healthy diet. Research suggests that healthy fats eaten in moderation can actually help your body absorb some of the nutrients found in fruits and vegetables.

•    3 
No Bread, No Exceptions: 

The truth is, you can totally have bread! Just make sure it’s whole-grain (or flatbread). Unlike the easily digested refined carbs in white bread and pastries, the complex carbohydrates in whole-grain and flatbreads contain filling fibers to help you fight off hunger.

•    4 
Stay Off The Scale:

While you shouldn’t fixate on numbers, weighing yourself regularly can still be an effective way to stick to your weight loss goal.

•    5 
Cut Back On Calories

Calorie-cutting can be an effective way to lose weight, but make sure you’re nixing the right kinds. Contrary to popular belief, not all calories are the same. Studies have shown that calories from carbs such as white rice and sugar can have devastating effects on your metabolism and blood glucose levels and, if consumed in excess, can lead to significant weight gain. So, when cutting calories, replace high-sugar foods and refined carbs with fiber-rich and protein-rich options.

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