Butts are the new abs

As a woman, I know that having a firm, lifted butt is seriously sexy. Yeah, you read that right. We’re all about the ass. And here’s why you should be, too.

Forget the abs. Having a tight and perky booty is your hottest asset. Booties are attention grabbers. For that reason, many women, and even men have been flocking to personal trainers and fitness websites in an effort to tighten and lift their gluteus maximus. In the workout world butts are the new abs.

But your backside is deceptively difficult to train.  Due to the hours we sit behind desks and in front of screens many of us suffer from “gluteal amnesia,” a condition in which the glute muscles act like… lazy asses. Over time, this can lead to back, hip, or knee pain—as well as a severe case of pancake butt.

Shaping up your backend can be a total pain in the ass. “The booty is like the final frontier,” says L.A.-based strength and conditioning specialist Holly Perkins. “As you reach your ultimate level of fitness, 99 percent of your body will reflect this, while the last 1 percent will linger in your glutes. The true test of a woman’s commitment to strategic eating and intelligent fitness is the quality of her glutes and hamstrings,” he told WomensHealth magazine.

If you, like me, suffer from “lazy ass, or developed a “pancake butt, do not be troubled. Here’s a kick ass exercise to get you bootylicious. Get to it right now!

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