Should A 30 Year-old Man Tell His New Girlfriend He Is A Virgin?

If you are in your late 20’s, you probably remember the comedic film ‘The 40 Year-Old Virgin.’ It was funny. Mostly because the idea of a man not being there at 40 sounds like a fantasy. But I can assure you,  40 year-old virgins are not a myth. They rare, but definitely not a Hollywood fantasy. There are even more virgin men in their 30’s.

While 30 is not terribly old to be a virgin, a question will always come to mind when they go out on a date: Would women want a man who is a virgin at 30? Will they think there is something wrong with him?

Don’t fret.  Rather than focusing how others live their lives, instead, respect yourself for your choices so far. Change your self-image from a virgin to a discerning man who is simply waiting for the right situation. You simply have not found the right partner. So until you do, it does not make sense to try to accelerate the process just for the sake of achieving status.

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