School Taboo: California School Police Authorized To Carry AR-15 Assault Weapons

This story seems to be out of a fiction film. Unfortunately this is not hollywood stuff. Police in Compton, Calif., schools will be allowed to carry AR-15 rifles, thanks to a new school board policy, KPCC radio reported on Tuesday.

Parents are expressing their concern about school police having such powerful weapons while patrolling the schools. And the fact that Compton Unified School District police have been accused of racial profiling and using excessive force against students is creating an atmosphere of anxiety in the community.

The local police chief said that the AR-15 rifles are necessary to keep order in school, and in case of school shootings. “They’re more accurate than handguns and could hit a shooter wearing body armor,” he said.

According to the new school board policy, the weapons are to be used “in response to situations that clearly evidence a need or potential need for superior firepower to be used against armed suspects,” The Washington Post reported on Wednesday.

Can our education system get any worst? Please comment below.

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