Mother Induces Labor So That Father Can Hold Baby Before He Dies

A Texas mother induced labor two weeks early to grant her dying husband’s wish: To be present for the birth of his daughter.

Diane Aulger, of The Colony, Texas, was eight months pregnant when her husband Mark’s health began to rapidly deteriorate. He had been diagnosed with cancer months earlier and began having trouble breathing.

Diane lies next to husband Mark Aulger, who holds their just-born daughter Savannah.

Just before he died, his only wish was to hold his new baby…and thanks be to God, that wish was granted. As his life began to leave his body, his wife placed the baby in his arms. After he held the baby, he calls her name, then slips into a coma and passes with his daughter in his arms.

This story is an incredible example of the lengths we will go to for our loved ones.

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