20 Signs Your Party Nights Are Almost Over

After partying all night with friends, and feeling the pain from standing on those ridiculous high heels, something hits you. You come to a sudden realization that you really enjoy music at a lower volume and prefer a glass of wine over beer.

Nothing lasts forever. Being a party animal also has an expiration date, but don’t feel bad. It’s important to recognize when to turn the page to another chapter of your life, and feel good about what’s ahead.

Here are 15 signs that your days of parting all night are almost over:

1. It’s been a while since you’ve been tagged on Facebook.

2. You don’t feel comfortable in a “that” short dress.

3. You only go out to birthday parties or special events.

4. You get mad when you don’t remember things.

5. You go to a night club and complain about it being too loud and too crowded.

6. You come to an understanding that walking in high heels is impossible, and don’t mind wearing lower shoes.

7. You become more productive on weekends.

8. You didn’t break your phone in three months.

9. Twerking is not longer a thing you like.

10. A shot of tequila will get you drunk, really drunk.

11. You now listen to a “different” kind of music.

12. You no longer loose your wallet.

13. Your make up is a lot lighter.

14. You think sleeping is more important than having fun.

15. You spend more time in the wine isle at the supermarket.

16. You started wearing socks again.

17. You buy alcohol only when your friends visit you.

18. You realize that you’ll never meet the man of your dreams at a night club.

19. The coolest gadgets advertised on TV are for people “younger” than you.

20. You are reading this article and think “Hey, that’s me!”

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