10 Things Women Wish Men Knew About Sex – Seriously

Let’s be open. Men and women approach sex completely differently.  And when it comes to the business of intimacy, it’s hard to find the words to express ourselves. Talking about the little, but important details is … well, difficult. Even thinking about it during sex can ruin the moment in a couple of seconds.

The ladies at Tabooya decided to take the challenge and talk about those, hard to express details that women are dying to tell their men. The result? They came up with the top ten things women wish men knew about sex.

1. You don’t have to be ‘gentle’ all the time. Sometimes rough sex is just what we want. So go ahead, you’re not going to break us.

2. Not all women are into ‘crazy’ things. So ask before attempting any crazy move, like deep-throating, anal sex, or any other weird fantasy you may have. And please wait for an answer.

3. Consider this: Men won’t go down on women who “smell funny” or “taste weird.” So don’t expect women to be excited about getting down on you regardless of the circumstances. Do us a favor, make sure that your ‘junk’ is clean before asking for it. You’ll get a better ‘performance.’

4. Every woman is different in bed, what worked for your ex might not work for your new spouse. Just be prepared for some sexy constructive criticism.

5. Guys, sex doesn’t always go to plan. Don’t make us feel awkward when something embarrassing happens. People fart. So, brush it off and move on.

6. Going too deep Hurts. I know it makes you feel like a manly man when you go deep, but please stop ramming your penis into my cervix. It really hurts and kills the mood.

7.  We not always want to have a ‘pillow talk’ after sex. Sometimes we just want to roll over to our side of the bed and go to sleep afterwards.  Sex can be exhausting and I have to be up early for work or school.

8. You can bet your life savings that we’ll tell our friends everything in the morning. Don’t worry, it’s not gossip, it’s just female bonding.

9. There are no rules as of when it’s OK to finally have sex. We might sleep with you on the first date. Or we might wait until the 4th date, or the 100th date. Expecting to get laid on any specific date may end in disappointment. Just go with the flow.

10. Nothing feels worse than having sex with a guy, and then never hearing from him again. Unless it was mutually understood as a ‘one night stand’ scenario, please be decent enough to call or text the next day. A simple “thanks, that was fun” text will make our day.

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