“Vacation Boobs” To Become Reality Thanks To Short-Term Implants

Yep, that’s right. Soon you will be able to go to the beach and look as voluptuous as you always dreamed while wearing a hot bikini. And the best part, you can go back to work looking exactly the same as you were before. You gotta love science!

According to media reports, a New York plastic surgeon is developing a “Vacation Breasts” implant that only lasts two or three weeks. He’s working with the FDA and hoping to offer the the procedure to patients by 2016.

The surgeon, Dr. Norman Rowe, already offers his clients an “Insta Breast” enhancement procedure, which increases breast size by a cup and a half, but it only lasts 24 hours. When the time expires, the breasts deflate back to their old selves.

The 24-hour D-cups augmentation, which costs about $2,500, is administered by injecting a saline solution directly into the breast. It’s likely that this new procedure would be injected in a similar way, and would be cheaper. Dr. Rowe also suggested that guys can also use the procedure to enhance their calves or pecs. But is it worthy?

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