CRIME WATCH: These Are The 10 Most Dangerous Small Cities In America

Based on what we see on TV, small towns are idyllic places where the American dream is thriving and neighbors all know each other. When you look for a place to retire or raise a family, the usual place in mind is a small town.

But in reality, small cities are surprisingly similar to big metropolis –– there are good ones and bad. So, if you’re hoping to escape from big city crime, look elsewhere. These places actually defy the stereotype of smaller cities being safer.

A recent study of more than 200 small cities, found that Wilmington, DE is the most dangerous in terms of crime. It’s joined in this dubious honor by nine other places to comprise our 10 most dangerous small cities in America:

1. Wilmington, DE 2. Canton, OH 3. Jackson, TN 4. Rocky Mount, NC 5. North Little Rock, AR 6. Pensacola, FL 7. Daytona Beach, FL 8. Homestead, FL 8. Lauderhill, FL

10. Warner Robins, GA

Florida ranks number one among the states for the single largest share of cities in the top 10, with four. All top 10 are either in the Midwestern, Mid-Atlantic, or Southern regions of the country.

To produce this ranking, the study focused on data from the FBI’s uniform crime report, the latest available, and measured seven distinct crimes using the total reported incidents.

The individual rankings (murders, violent crimes, property crimes and total crimes) were then weighted to create a final overall score.

According to the report, Lakeville, MN was the safest small city (at 56,805 residents) out of all the ones we looked at, with a diminutive 14 violent crimes per 100,000 residents during the period studied (no murders or rapes were among them). The rest of the top five safest were, in descending order: Lehi, UT, Minnetonka, MN, Laguna Nigel, CA, and Yorba Linda, CA.

Do you live in any of the unsafe spots we just covered? If so, your ticket to low-crime living just might be in the big city.

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