Naked Man Hits Two Cars, Runs Along California Highway Because He Wants to Go To Heaven

San Diego police responded to reports that a naked man was running down the highway, Wednesday.

According to California Highway Patrol spokesman Kevin Pearlstein, the naked man first rear-ended two vehicles with a truck, including a paint truck, which slammed into the center divider on New Year’s Eve morning.

But he did not stopped there. With his truck parked in the middle of the highway, the man took his clothes off and walked in and out of traffic, causing chaos before being taken into custody by police.

“He said he want to go back to heaven, so we transported him to county mental health for an evaluation,” said Pearlstein.


It did not appear that the naked man, who was not named, was intoxicated at the time of his run. One man suffered mild injuries in the collision and was taken to the hospital.

Photo: Video screenshot


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