Watch: This Woman Is Being Victim Of A Crime And Nobody Notices

Crooks are becoming more creative than ever, and some of the things they do to rip you off are mind bending.

You’d never think anyone would try to rob you at your supermarket, with so many people around. But let me assure you, it can happen and you won’t notice it, even if they do it right before your eyes. They can easily copy the details of your ATM card, so they can clone it. And once they have a cloned card, they only need the PIN code to leave your ban account clean.

But how can they get my PIN code?, you may ask. Well, that’s where their creativity kicks in. Ever heard of Card Skimming? That is the newest technique thieves are using to steal someone’s PIN code at the checkout line using an iPhone without you noticing at all.

If you are not careful, it can happen to you. Fortunately, there is a really simple way to prevent it from happening. Watch:

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