Mom Gasps In Shock When The TV Host Reveals Her Daughter's Has Been Found

A lost child is every parent’s worst nightmare. But there’s nothing better than watching a mother who hasn’t seen her daughter in a long time to finally get to see her.

During an Irish TV show, host Ryan Tubridy asks a mother in the audience who hasn’t seen her daughter in over three years, what it’s been like being away from her daughter Sarah for such long time. She started explaining the situation to Tubridy, but before he said something unexpected that shocked her. Her reaction was priceless!

Unknown to her, Tubridy had planned to surprise four families that night by reuniting them with loved ones who’ve been abroad. When the TV show host makes the announcement at the end, she totally loses it. What an emotional moment!

The segment in this video shows the emotional reunion between Sarah and her family. Watch:

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