This 102-Year-Old Golfer's Simple Secret To a Happy Life Is Better Than Hitting A Hole-In-One

When it comes to the best advice on living a happy life, I would always listen to somebody who has lived long enough to share a few secrets.

Meet Ida Pieracci, a 102-year-old golfer and Country Club legend from San Jose, CA. At her age, she can tell you a thing or two about being happy.

In a video uploaded to Vimeo, the 102-year-old avid golfer, who olds the course record with eleven holes-in-one and is still regularly playing golf today, shares the secret to longevity and happiness, and sums it up in just five words: “Just being a good kid!”

Ida Pieracci has lived for over a century, but she is certainly a fantastic kid.

h/t Huff Post

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