This The Best First Date Ever, And The Entire Internet Is Talking About It

Do you remember feeling awkward, nervous and out of place on your first date? I don’t blame you. First dates are always awkward.

However, this one is 100% adorable and will keep you smiling from beginning to end. new father Aaron Dickson from Bellingham, Washington, took his young daughter Annalynne out on her very first date and, after you see it, it will be hard not to agree that this is the cutest thing ever.

The video opens with a nervous dad prepping for the evening. “It’s been awhile,” he tells his brother, who assures him “it’s gonna be alright”. It all seems a little strange…Until his precious date opens the door. What happens next will make your week.

It’s gonna be hard for her next date to top that! Please share with your friends!

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