‘Retard, Animals!’ New York Principal Yelled At Special Needs Students

A New York school principal is under fire after being was caught on tape screaming abuse at special needs students.

The Hilltop School principal Kimberly Taylor’s angry and vulgar tirade was recorded by a former teaching assistant, who turn it to media.

After noticing how principal Taylor treated the children in her care, school assistant Kenneth Egan complained to the superintendent. When school authorities refused to confront the principal, he decided to take matters into his own hands and recorded the incident. He was later fired.

The abusive language is so vulgar that will shock you. In the tape, Taylor can be heard ranting at the children who were rehearsing for a graduation ceremony.

“If someone falls in dance, don’t laugh because I will rip your [*ss] out of there. It’s important not to embarrass yourself. Your family take pride in yourself. I will embarrass you, you all know me, if you don’t give a [f*ck], neither do I,” she told the children.

Then she grabbed and dragged one child up to the front of the auditorium filled with special needs students.

“This is a retard,” she says. “How embarrassing, a disgusting embarrassment, get him the hell out of my sight.”

Channel 7 Eyewitness provided a video of the recording. Warning, this video contains vulgar language that may be offensive to some audience:

School authorities declined to comment on the audio recording, but Eyewitness News has confirmed that Taylor was suspended for the incident.

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