Dad’s Heartbreaking Plea At Daughter’s Graveside Sends A Powerful Message About This

Losing a child is every parent’s worst nightmare. The sense of loss is devastating and hard to imagine. The man in this video, Rick Ellis, tragically lost his 6-year-old daughter Lindsey when a drunk driver got behind the wheel of a car. He has a powerful message to share.

Standing by his daughter’s graveside, choked with emotion, he says “I’m going to show you something that is the end result of your partying on Friday nights, Saturday nights, whenever…” Then he reveals something that shook me to the core. The drunk driver who killed Lindsey was her own mother. He turns the camera to the headstone. It has two names: Christy M. Johnson Ellis and Lindsey Kay Ellis.

“I hope there is some teenager or any adult out there that listens to the words I spoke that day…Please don’t be a victim, be a role model,” he said. This video is simply heartbreaking.

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