Justice Dept. Preparing Lawsuit Against Ferguson PD For Racial Discrimination

The Justice Department announced that is getting ready to issue a lawsuit against the Ferguson, MO, Police Department over a “pattern of racially discriminatory tactics used by officers,” reported CNN.

“If the Ferguson police department does not agree to review and revise those tactics, the Justice Department would sue to force changes in the department,” attorney General Eric Holder said, According to the report.

Holder expects to announce the results of the department’s investigation of the shooting death of Michael Brown and a broader probe of the Ferguson Police Department before he leaves office in the coming weeks.

Eric Holder

Sources told CNN that lawsuit may request “court supervision to make sure the Ferguson Police Department improves how officers deal with the minority communities they are supposed to serve and protect.”

Earlier this week, the FBI director criticized discriminatory police tactics that sparked nationwide debate over police and race relations.

In the same video, CNN anchor Don Lemmon said that “the biggest problems facing those communities aren’t police; it’s poverty, it’s lack of education, its drugs, crime […] we must take personal responsibility, as people of color, and look at what we can do for ourselves […] at some point you have to say what can I do to make myself better.”

Do you agree with Don Lemmon that African American communities must take personal responsibility to improve their lives? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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