When No One Shows Up To This Boy's Birthday Party, Deputies Save the Day

When Glenn Buratti turned 6 last Sunday, he was so excited that from the minute he woke up that day, he wanted to know “how many minutes until his friends came.”

He had invited all of the kids from his class to his birthday party. But the minutes and hours went by, and nobody showed up. Glenn, who is autistic, was so devastated when he found out no one was coming to his birthday party that he refused to smile.

“To see the look on his face killed me inside,” his mother, Ashlee Buratti said.

Thinking she had failed him, the frustrated mother took to Facebook to vent on an Osceola community page. “I know this might be something silly to rant about,” she wrote, “but my heart is breaking for my son. We invited his whole class (16 kids) over for his 6th birthday party today. Not one kid came.”

Then, to Buratti’s amazement, members of the community, including the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, began to respond with positive messages, and made a 6-year-old autistic boy’s birthday party one that he won’t forget.

Thanks to the community, Glenn seems to have had an amazing birthday after all!

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