This Pregnant Woman Is Asking For Help, But What She Did Next Enraged Everyone

Scammers come in all shapes and forms. A first glance, the woman in this story looks like a normal person down in luck, needing some help. But the reality will shock you.

According to NBC 10 News, a woman from San Diego, California, has been shamelessly taking advantage of peoples’ generosity, posing as a struggling pregnant mother in order to collect money from strangers.

Her cover was blown out when one eyewitness saw her drive away in a Mercedes Benz after taking money from good samaritans. She captured it all on film. The woman then tried to hit the witness with a rock.

Several news outlets and police have taken to social media to help identify the ‘panhandler’ and prevent her from taking advantage of peoples’ generosity.

This makes it hard for people who truly are down on their luck and truly need of help.

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