Duncan Keith Makes Cammy's goal a Dream Come True

Meet Cammy, a young girl who was born without the ability to walk or speak. Despite her inability to communicate verbally, Cammy uses a computer to help her speak while keeping a wide smile. And she is an avid Hockey fan.

When Cammy’s parents expressed that their daughter’s dream was to score a goal on the ice with her favorite player, Chicago Blackhawks’ Duncan Keith, they never thought it could happen. However, that seemingly impossible dream was about to become a reality in the most touching way.

Days later, Keith met Cammy and her family at the Blackhawks’ practice facility in Chicago. Cammy was all smiles.

Cammy meets Chicago Blackhawks’ Duncan Keith

With the help of her computer, Cammy told Keith that she had lost five teeth, and wanted to know how many he has lost. His response brought an even brighter smile from his little fan: “Ten teeth,” Keith said.

After the introduction, the Blackhawks outfitted Cammy with a jersey, helmet and skates. What happened next is one of the most touching things I’ve ever seen.

What an amazing gesture from Keith and the Blackhawks to go the extra mile in making an unforgettable memory for a little girl who has been struggling since she was born.

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