Report: 22 Veterans Commit Suicide Every Day In America

If you walk through any large city in the U.S. you will see homeless people, many of whom are veterans, many of whom will take their own lives. The statistics are staggering. A recent report revealed that, on average, 22 veterans a day take their lives in the U.S.

According to the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs, female veterans are three times as likely to commit suicide as women who did not serve. Unfortunately, those who need help the most are often afraid to ask for it.

The failings of the Veterans Administration is put on display every time a veteran commits suicide. Something must change soon.

To me, the worst kind of politician is the one who cavalierly sends troops off to risk their lives, only to vote against funding to help them when they return home.

I don’t want to hear Democrats making “excuses” for the Obama administration’s failure on this issue, like they did when the VA Scandal broke out last year. I don’t want to hear Republicans say that “our government is too big, to let the market fix this problem, or that our budget cannot add more money.” No. If there is one thing we ought to spend public money on it is to help our veterans overcome the horrors that resulted from their service to our country.

If I were to form a line of the people most deserving of help in the form of tax dollars, veterans would be right at the front.

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