Miracle After Tornado: Dog Emerges From Debris As Owner Laments Losing Him

After surviving a devastating tornado, this elderly woman was left in a state of shock. Her home was completely destroyed, and she thought she had lost everything.

During an interview with CBS, she describes the events of the disaster saying, “I was tossed about like a rag doll, rolling over the floor and ended up under debris.” She also recalls, with a heavy heart, that there was no answer when she called for her dog. The loss of her dog clearly weighs on her.

She was about to say something else, when, suddenly, one of the news crew spots something in the rubble. what happened next is nothing less than a miracle.

I’m glad to see the both of them together, despite the terrible ordeal they went through. The reunion of this woman and her dog is something that will definitely stick with me.

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