Mom Embraces Her Lifeless Newborn, Leaves Doctors Baffled When THIS Happens

Life is full of miracles. If you look carefully, you may witness one around you. This is one of those miraculous stories that makes you catch your breath.

The day that a mother gives birth is one that stays with her forever. But for parents Kate and David Ogg, the day that Kate gave birth to twins at 26 weeks is specially remarkable.

In the video below, Kate describes how concerned she was when she learned that she was going into labor early. After Kate gave birth, her and her husband were anxious to hold their children, but quickly realized that something had gone wrong. Doctors informed the couple that they’d lost one of the babies.

They were devastated. In response, Kate took the baby boy and cradled his body against her chest. She asked her husband to climb into bed so that the baby would have as much body heat as possible. The family stayed this way, skin on skin with their newborn, and soon something miraculous happened. The baby boy started moving around.

There are no words to describe how incredible this moment truly was. Jamie and his twin sister Emily will soon be turning five years old. They are happy, healthy, and downright adorable.

There isn’t a day that goes by where Kate and her husband don’t remember the miracle that made their family the family that it is today.

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