These Girls Are So Unique! What Are The Odds Of This Happening Again?!

While having twins is not a rare occurrence, these parents never expected to have the rarest set of twins in the world.

Lauren and Hayleigh Durrant are identical twins, however, they have different skin and hair colors. While Lauren is light skinned, with blue eyes and red hair, like her mother; her sister Hayleigh has dark skin and dark hair like their father.

But the story doesn’t end there. When the girls’ parents, Allison and Dean, were expecting again, they were shocked after Allison gave birth to yet another set of twins, Miya and Leah, who both had differing skin and hair colors, just like their older sisters. Wow!

The phenomena is believed to be so rare that there’s no real data to determine the probability.

While everyone is buzzing about the girls’ varying colors, Allison and Dean don’t think much of it. They’re just happy to have such a unique family.

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