Watch: 95-Year-Old Obliterates Running Record Like A Boss

95-Year-Old Charles Eugster obliterated the world indoor record for 200 meters Sunday at a British Masters Athletics meet in London, reported The Telegraph.

According to the newspaper, Charles Eugster, a retired dentist, clocked in at 55.48 seconds, easily breaking the 95-and-over world record of 57.88 seconds set by Orville Rogers in 2013.

BBC posted a video of the record-setting event.

Eugster also set a British record for 60 meters the day before, according to Silver Grey Sports Club. The Newspaper named Eugster “the world’s fittest pensioner.”

Dr. Charles Eugster, a retired dentist,  plays all kinds of sports, including race track. He eats fresh fruit in the morning and gulps a protein drink after workouts. It seems he is not retiring any time soon.

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