When Letterman Reveals This Marine's Injuries, His Response Stunned The Audience

Medal Of Honor recipient Cpl. Kyle Carpenter was only 19 when he got deployed to Afghanistan in 2010. In his platoon’s second day of heavy fighting with the Taliban, Carpenter was stationed on top of a mud hut when a grenade landed on the rooftop. He leapt between the explosive and his fellow Marines, absorbing the brunt of the blast with his body.

Shielding his fellow marines from that explosive power, with his own body, left him badly injured. It’s a miracle that he is still alive.

Corporal Kyle Carpenter while serving the Marines in Afghanistan in 2010.

In the video below, the Medal Of Honor recipient describes the scene when his unit came under enemy attack in Afghanistan. He also shared his unbelievable journey to recovery during a recent interview with David Letterman.

Carpenter is the eighth living recipient of the medal for service in Afghanistan or Iraq. The Medal of Honor is the nation’s highest military honor.

Thank you for your service, Sir. God Bless you!

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