This Toddler's Bedtime Gets The Dramatic Treatment It Deserves

Toddlers are notorious for falling asleep in some of the most impressively bizarre places and positions. They way they manage to stay asleep in odd places is as cute as it is hilarious.

When dad John noticed his 2-year-old son Andrew sleeping with his teddy bear on the stairs, he knew he had to capture the epic moment, and took a picture.

One day, John showed the photo to a family friend, Eric Metze, who is a very talented graphic designer. While looking at the hilarious photo, Eric came up with the idea to make a movie poster. Two days later, “Bedtime” was ready for audiences across the globe, dad wrote in Reddit.

NOTE: This image has been altered to make the stairs look dirty and dramatic.

John told the Huffington Post that he was not expecting the image to go viral, but he and Eric are “happy other people were able to appreciate the amusing moment,” which is is now hanging in Andrew’s room.

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