The Driver Who Hit This Cyclist Didn't Stop To Help Him For The Most Insane Reason

When 17-year-old Taron Stead set out for a morning ride on his new mountain bike, everything seemed to be normal, when wow!… he was suddenly struck by a silver car. He fell down, hurting pretty bad. But that wasn’t the worst part. What happened next is the most upsetting thing anyone can experience.

In any crash situation involving a bicycle, you would expect the driver to help the cyclist. In this case,  the female driver got out to check the damage to her car. But instead of helping the bruised and bloodied Stead, she got back in her car after telling him that “she was already late getting her kids to school and she couldn’t help because his bloody face would upset her children.” Unbelievable!

Luckily, staff members from nearby Sheffield University found Stead and called the police. Stead was wearing his helmet, which probably saved his life.

Hoping to put pressure on the mystery woman to turn herself in, Stead’s mother, Naomi Pockard, released the photo below, which was taken right after the accident.

Taron Stead after the accident

So far, the police have not been able to locate the driver down.

We all make mistakes, but I wouldn’t be able to live with the guilt of doing something this horrible. What do you think? Please share your feelings in the comment section below!


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